Stanton Calvert

Special Advisor to the Vice President for Government Relations

Dr. Stanton Calvert is Special Advisor to the Vice President for Government Relations and Vice Chancellor Emeritus. Dr. Calvert is located in Austin, TX and works with Mr. O’Quinn on State legislative matters.


Although I was aware of the intense love and commitment to Texas A&M, thanks to my Aggie sister '68 and my Aggie son '94, not to mention having sat through the Testimony of the numerous A&M chancellors and presidents in my previous governmental relations work in the Texas Capitol, I was still mystified as to why they were all so passionate, even emotional, about “TEXAS A&M”. Then beginning in 1994, the year I was privileged to join the A&M System as a member of its governmental relations team, and continuing to the present day, as I came to understand and personally identify with the values and principles to which this unique university holds so fast, and to which its Board and executive leaders expect its students, faculty and staff to live by, I knew “why”. For me, having been raised on a farm working alongside my dad as one of his farmhands, a privilege above all others, A&M's core values… honesty, character, live by your word, work hard and do your best, respect for and service to others… , these were the values I learned on that farm.

Yes, Texas A&M is a nationally premier academic and research university; and indeed its research and service agencies are among the best, if not THE best, of all Land-grant universities. And its commitment to students is legendary. These are the hallmarks by which externals know and measure Texas A&M and rightfully so. Yet, for me, echoes of my roots, it is because A&M believes in, stands for and holds itself and its students to those core values and ideals that transcend degrees and programs that I am grateful and privileged to serve Texas A&M University as an Aggie in spirit.

Served 1994 -2012 under five chancellors in the position Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations.

Previously served for eight years as the state leader for the public community colleges of Texas.

B.A. from Abilene Christian University and Ph.D. from University of Texas-Austin.