We are Texas A&M's interface with the Texas Legislature, Congress, and senior state and federal executive branch officials.

Through the Office of the President, and in coordination with The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) Office of Government Relations, our goal is to fulfill Texas A&M's state constitutional charge as a "university of the first class" and federal land-grant mission.

What We Do

Specifically, we can maximize the effectiveness of engagement with elected officials, staffers, or high-level agency personnel, by: 

  • Setting up meetings and developing a strategy for visits to DC (in coordination with TAMUS Office of Federal Relations in DC) 
  • Navigating the halls of Congress, including complex political landscapes
  • Compliance with federal lobbying laws (e.g., HLOG, formerly LDA) and TAMUS policies
  • Engaging federal and state policymakers to secure resources & influence policy actions
  • Aiding policymakers with access to insight from Texas A&M’s vast breadth of expertise
  • Providing analysis to elected officials and Texas A&M stakeholders, on vital legislative policy matters that can broadly impact the university community
  • Functioning as the conduit for campus visits by elected officials and high level agency personnel (and coordinating with campus units to develop & execute itineraries with possible high impact campus tours)
  • Serving as Texas A&M’s liaison with elected officials and national associations (e.g., AAU, APLU, and others)