Vice President for Government Relations & Strategic Initiatives

Michael oversees the development, execution, coordination, and communication of government-related activities with state and federal entities. While pursuing avenues to better position Texas A&M regarding higher education issues and provide analysis on vital A&M matters, he also serves as Texas A&M's liaison with elected state officials, members of Congress and national association efforts seeking to support the goals of Texas A&M and higher education.


I’m a product of Texas A&M—academically and through our co-curricular student activities. As a political science graduate, ’86, and having received a master’s of public administration ‘90, the faculty of Texas A&M provided me the foundation for my life’s vocation. They taught me to think critically. To make the abstract into the concrete. This motivates me to help provide our faculty and researchers the resources to impact more lives.

I am also a product of Texas A&M’s student activities where the Aggie core values are honed and exercised. I was a part of and later the leader of A&M’s student lobby organization. Because of this experience I learned—through success and failures—much about politics and people.

After graduate school, I worked for Sen. Phil Gramm. I received a lifetime worth’s of experience in just a couple of years. And became one of many in the “Gramm Alumni” who are currently engaged in the state and national policy-making arena.

As an undergraduate I worked for Dr. Perry Adkisson who was then deputy chancellor and later chancellor when I was in graduate school. As my mentor, he provided me an opportunity to learn about higher education, human relations and organizational dynamics. It was an invaluable experience. After grad school he asked that I go to Austin and work for the A&M System in state relations. After a decade working for the A&M System, I was appointed to the A&M HSC for just over two years. In 2002, Robert Gates asked that I become the VP for government relations. Needless to say working for Bob Gates was a transformational experience for me. As the nation learned after he left A&M, he is truly one of this nation’s outstanding leaders and left an indelible mark on Texas A&M…and me.

As you can see, Texas A&M has provided me an opportunity of a lifetime. I strive to live up to the ideals of this unique American institution and help the students, faculty and staff continue to make our state and nation a better place.